Written by April
Friday, 14 March 2014 23:21

Plan's done.  Buy's done.  Now what?

Advertising success is built on management processes.  It's never over when it's over, because success must translate into performance, traffic and sales.  So here are four things that the media mavens do at Thayer Media to make sure we keep our eye on the prize.


  1. Manage Data - Track call volume/visits/sales by month, with a reference to the prior year's activity.  When you see an ongoing business metric like call volume or website visits at the bottom of the media flowchart, you can start to recognize patterns that lead to success.  And with online, remember that the front end of the visit isn't all that matters - mapping online visitors' behavior during their visit is much more valuable.
  2. Manage Relationships - In a perfect world, all your media is working with the same call to action.  So in that case, to get really fancy, you can track media types and impressions vs. volume to help refine strategies and tactics.  Besides, the chart is so pretty, and it helps the client see the relationship between marketing, advertising and sales.
  3. Manage Opportunities - Keep the lines open.  Yes, the plan is beautiful and the buy is superb.  But there may be something that comes along that is a yin/yang fit with your customer's target audience or call to action or promotional calendar.  If you close the door on change, you may miss the golden opportunity.
  4. Manage Reporting - Monitor all activity by watching the billing, proof of performance and post-buys.  This is still a business that relies on vendors reading all the way to the end of an email and the traffic department recognizing a variation in the ISCI codes.  At Thayer Media, we assume that we're the watchdogs.  That way, we rarely get bitten.



If this sounds like too much management for you to handle, we can help.  Thayer Media works with small, medium, and large clients in the markets all over the United States.  Call us @ 303-221-2221 - let's talk.