The Changing Map of America

Written by April
Friday, 02 December 2011 17:18

The Census Bureau's release of data proceeds at a slow but steady pace in the months after collection has been finalized.

We are constantly checking for updates for our clients who need to know about how the American landscape has changed - particularly as it applies to ethnic groups and their tendency to cluster.  The micro-data that allos us to find groups of sub-Saharan Africans is the last to be released, obviously.

But this very interesting and very interactive map allows us to also look for trends in the ethnic composition at the county level, which is a starting point.  Plus it's an interesting view of what's happening around the county.  Change is everywhere!

Take a look for yourself - as you mouse over a state you can see the growth in population since 1960, and then click on the state to see the county breakouts.  The panel on the right side shows info about the trends in ethnicity within the state and more about Hispanic/Latino population growth or decline. 


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